Great Eccleston Copp School

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15th October 18
Trail : home / Christian Distinctiveness : Reflection



Each classroom has a Christian reflection area, which relates to the half termly Christian values so that children have opportunities to deepen their understanding and thoughts being the messages of worship.

Children can sit in these areas to think, reflect and pray.

Each area has a Bible and a cross as its focal point but will also include other artefacts, pictures, verses and prayers to engage the children in thought and prayer.

Outside reflection area

We also felt that it was important for the children to have a quiet area away from the noise of the playground where they could sit, play quiet games, read Bible passages and reflect on their day so far.  This area has the Lord's Prayer floating in the branches of the tree next to the area, along with Christian symbols,  artefacts and information on other faiths.  We strive to create an ethos of tolerance, understanding and empathy in this area.