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25th September 20
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BBC Ten Pieces Music Day September 2019

On Thursday 26th September, the whole school had a music day, based on the BBC’s Ten Pieces.

We looked at different composers including Gustav Holst, Igor Stravinsky and Florence Price.

Reception and Copp Cadets enjoyed their music day.  They listened to classical music, explored different instruments and made rainmakers.

Year 2 learned about the planet Mars, written by Stravinksy, focusing on spiky and smooth sounds.  They listened to various extracts, moved in time with the music, clapped to the beat, beat a drum and practised their singing.

Year 3 and 4 worked together on Stravinsky’s Firebird, listening to all the musical elements and creating their own compositions in the afternoon to represent characters in the finale of the Firebird.

Year 5 and 6 worked together on Price’s Symphony No. 1 in E minor.  They worked very hard to re-create a specific beat, using this as a springboard to creating their own rhythms which they used whilst doing their Juba walk!

They learned how to create an ostinato (a musical pattern which is repeated) for a whole class rondo (where the first part repeats between the other parts).