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21st August 18
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Severe Weather Advice


Any decision will be made on the basis of the risk to pupil safety, either because of physical conditions (for example, if the heating fails) or because we do not have enough staff to carry out our duty of care (for example, because of transport disruption or due regard for staff health and safety).

 In these circumstances we may take the following actions:

  • open school later than normal
  • end the school day earlier than normal
  • open the school only for some pupils
  • close the school (as a last resort).

If we have to take any of these actions, we will notify families in the following ways:









BBC Radio Lancashire


(01254) 583583


(01254) 841001


(01254) 262411


(01254) 841037


95.5 FM, 103.9 FM


104.5 FM, 855 MW, 1557MW




(01282) 690998 (studio)


(01254) 350360 (news-desk)


99.8 FM


The Bay


(01524) 541758


96.9 FM


Radio Wave


(01253) 300965 (studio)


(01253) 304965 (switchboard)


96.5 FM


Wish FM


(01942) 777695




The Bee


(01254) 350370 (studio)


(01254) 350360 (news-desk)


107FM, 106.5FM




             Please avoid phoning the school to check if we are open.




If school is open but severe weather or transport disruption prevents your children getting to school, please let us know by phone or email. In such cases always consider safety first; we would rather pupils arrived late than were absent for the whole day.


Those commuting to the school e.g. pupils, staff, visitors take responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing on the journey to and from school.

Access to/from school 

  • All pupils to access school via KS1 corridor.

(NB Pupil access after the start of school day is via main entrance.)

  • Staff & visitors to access school via normal main entrance.
  •    Breakfast Club access is via hall door.
  • Staff, pupils and visitors are reminded not to access uncleared areas unless in the event of an emergency evacuation (eg fire).


(All gritting/clearing is confined to the school’s boundaries)

Routes to be cleared for safe access to school:

  • Direct pathway from two front gates to KS1 corridor and main entrance
  • Area outside hall door
  • Pathway to kitchen and boiler room

Signage/Coned areas: 

The Site Supervisor will ensure that cleared and closed routes are effectively indicated.


  • It is reasonable for all staff to assist in the clearing of pathways if requested, should the need for additional manpower arise.
  • It is the individual member of staff’s responsibility to raise any issues which may prevent them assisting, if so doing would compromise their health.
  •  All staff are advised to wear appropriate clothing, especially suitable footwear.
  • Pathways leading to main office will be monitored by the Site Supervisor to check condition at various periods during the day. It is understood that in the event of very severe weather it may not be possible to keep pathways constantly clear, and attention will be paid to peak times in the school day.
  • KS1 corridor access will be checked in good time by the site supervisor to ensure the path is adequately cleared for the end of the school day.



The site supervisor ensures that adequate resources are available, eg grit/salt, shovels, spreader, trolley, cones, signage.

Evacuation Procedures 

In the event of fire, the assembly point remains the playground and playing field.

Extra care MUST be taken.