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27th October 20
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A good artist at Copp School…

  • is enthusiastic
  • enjoys being creative
  • can talk about and appreciate the work of other artists
  • is able to evaluate their work and suggest ways to improve
  • is keen to develop and refine their skills
  • can work with a range of skills, tools and media with confidence
  • is able to apply their knowledge and understanding of art to their own work.

Copp School’s Aims

  • To foster an understanding and enjoyment of art, craft and design.
  • To provide all children with a broad and balanced education.
  • To learn about art and the appreciation of the work of other artists and craftspeople from different times and cultures.
  • To learn through art, extending and enriching other curriculum areas.
  • To develop pupils’ ability to observe, investigate, respond to and record the world around them through a variety of forms and media.
  • To encourage pupils to make increasingly informed and creative choices of media, tools and techniques for a given purpose.
  • To develop pupils’ visual language and the ability to express their ideas and feelings in order to evaluate their own work and that of others.
  • To deliver the national curriculum by integrating the elements of art with its processes and practices to provide a broad and balanced art curriculum throughout each year.
  • To train pupils in the safe and appropriate use and maintenance of tools and techniques in accordance with health and safety requirements

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