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23rd August 19
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Copp School was inspected on 2nd July 2015 and was found to be a GOOD school.  We are delighted with this, as Christianity is central to the ethos of our entire school.

"Attendance is high because children enjoy coming to this caring Christian school."

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Religious education (R.E.) is an important part of our curriculum.  As a voluntary aided school within the Diocese of Blackburn, we follow their syllabus, which was revised in 2013.  The R.E. curriculum is divided into two sections:

  • Attainment Target 1 – Learning about religion
  •  Attainment Target 2 – Learning from religion.

Teachers devote a minimum of 1 hour per week to RE lessons with further elements of R.E. delivered through collective worship.  Christianity plays a central role in R.E. taking up approximately 80% of the time available (as agreed by the Governing Body). The rest of the time (20%) is devoted to appropriate teaching about other faiths and world views.  The scheme allows children to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of R.E. as well as encouraging the children to think, explore, reflect and respond to important questions about the meaning and purpose of life as well as life and death.

As part of our creative approach, some R.E. lessons are taught in a creative way with the use of art, music, dance and drama.  Some topics have R.E. as a central theme and others include R.E. within the topic.  Where R.E. doesn’t fit within a creative topic, it is taught as a discrete subject.

Parental rights of withdrawal

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and should approach the Headteacher if this is their wish.  However, the teachings of the Gospel enter all aspects of the school. As a result, withdrawal of pupils from formal religious education or worship would not isolate them from the Anglican religious teaching which the school gives.