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18th July 19
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Copp School holds a Learning Excellence Award for Best Practice in Music!

At Copp, we ensure continuity and progression of learning through a broad and balanced music curriculum which encourages awareness, enjoyment and an appreciation of music in all its forms.

All pupils, throughout the school, are given opportunities to play, sing, compose, listen, appraise and perform through developing the following skills:-

Performing - singing a wide ranging variety of songs and using voices expressively; playing tuned and untuned instruments; developing increasing control; rehearsing and performing, alone or with others, to an audience.

Composing - creating musical patterns; exploring, selecting and organising musical ideas and recording these in a variety of ways (eg pictorial score, by means of a digital recorder; using notation).

Appraising - exploring and explaining ideas and feelings about music; using music, dance, expressive language and musical vocabulary; analysing and comparing sounds; suggesting improvements for their own work and that of others.

Listening and applying knowledge and understanding - listening with concentration; internalising and recalling sounds with increasing aural memory; understanding the eight musical elements: pitch, duration, pace, dynamics, texture, timbre, form and silence; understanding that time and place can influence the way music is created, performed and heard, that music is produced in different ways and is described through invented and standard notations.

Themes are usually devised within topics which means that there are strong links between music and other subjects.

For pupils who are skilled in different areas of music we have the junior choir, peripatetic music lessons in guitar, keyboard and recorder.