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24th March 18
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Pegasus Class

Welcome to Reception / Year 1

Also known as...

Pegasus Class



Reception / Year 1 Class - Pegasus

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Spring Term

2017 - 2018


Pegasus Class Newsletter

Spring 2


We will have a broad topic over this half term which is ‘Reday, Steady, Cook’.  

Early Years is an exciting time in the education of your child. We enable them to become confident and independent learners by creating a curriculum that is led by the children's interests. Together adults and children plan what we will learn.  It means everyone is motivated and engaged in what we do ensuring we are always learning.  Our ideas can take our learning in many exciting directions.

  • Pegasus Class - alongside myself and Mrs Jones, Mrs Hart will be a teaching assistant in our class in the mornings this year.  We will also have Mrs Taylor with us on a Tuesday and Friday afternoon.
  • PE  - will be on a Monday and a Tuesday this term.
  • Reading diaries - are an important way of communicating between home and school.  We will write comments in and if you have any queries or messages please do the same.  We will check them every day.  Of course you can always speak to us before and after school, ring school or message us on Dojo.
  • ClassDojo - Dojo is a lovely way to share experiences from school and home. In this pack you will have a parent and child code to use.  Last year we gave out just team points for super behaviour, work etc. This year, as a school, we are only using Dojo Points. Children can change their avatar and can share experiences and learning form home.

If you have any questions please come and see us,


Mr Harding

Home slips - We always like to celebrate what the children do at home.  It is a great way to get the children talking about home and the people who are special to them.  Fill in a home slip to tell us what you have been doing e.g. did you go to a party, stay at grandma's house or went to the park? etc.

 : Word file (69.1k)

WOW moments - what has your child done that has made you stand back and think 'WOW! When did you learn to do that or I didn't know you could do that'.  Have a look at 'Characteristics of Learning' section of our page to see what you could be looking out for.