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17th October 17
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Phoenix Class

Welcome to Year 4

Also known as...


Phoenix Class


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Phoenix Class Curriculum News for Autumn Term 1



Welcome to Year 4!

A big welcome back to everybody!

I hope that everyone has had a lovely summer holiday and that you are all ready for an exciting year ahead!

 We have lots to look forward to in our first topic…

‘Amazing Adventures!’


Useful Websites (adult supervision is recommended when using the internet)


Children may click ‘my class log in’ then:

Username: copp2

Password sch00l


Maths (times tables):


Staff in Phoenix Class

Class Teacher: Mr C Holt

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Mason (Mondays)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Stone (Wednesdays)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Taylor (Thursdays)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs H Twigg (Fridays)

*We are always looking for parent volunteers to help with reading and classroom jobs, even a couple of hours a week is a huge help!  Please contact if you are interested in helping in class.*


Our Topics

This year we will be studying the following six topics:

Amazing Adventures

Can We Live Without Technology?

Police, Camera, Action!

Ready, Steady Cook.

Up, Up and Away (all of Summer)

Table Places and Targets

The Year 4 children have been assigned table places for general work, English work and maths work and have maths and writing targets (which are in the back of their relevant books).  Please ask your child their current targets as they should know them.


Homework will be given out on a Friday and it is due in on the following Friday (but may be given in throughout the week).  The homework will consist of English / Topic and Maths homework and will always be related to what we are learning about at school that week.

Reading Books / Library Books

Reading journals will be given out on a Tuesday and a Friday and they should be brought back in on a Monday and a Thursday in order for us to read with the children and change the books.

At school your child will have the opportunity to read to a member of staff at least three times a week (including our guided reading sessions).

The children will also be able to change their library books once a week during our library slot on a Wednesday afternoon.  The children may keep their library books for as long as they like but if it is not in class on Wednesday we will not be able to change it.

Before and After School

At the beginning of the school day, before registration (8.40 – 8.55) the children will have different maths, reading and writing activities to complete throughout the year. During our first half term we will have a push on times tables, the children will be able to play games and activities to improve their times tables fluency.

At the end of each school day (3.15 pm) the children will wait in the area outside the top of the KS1 corridor (with all of the other KS2 children).  The children will wait in this area until they see who is collecting them, and strictly must not leave through the black gate until they do so.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, either after school when collecting your child, on Class Dojo or by arranging an appointment with Mrs Lawrenson if it is something you would like to discuss further.  Also, my door is always open.

 Mr Holt 


Our Topic is this half term is...

Amazing Adventures!



Our curriculum plans for this half term:


Number: Place Value (weeks 1 - 5)

Number: Addition and Subtraction (weeks 6 - 7)

Review (week 8)




Issues and Dilemmas (weeks 1 - 4)

Poems with a structure (weeks 5 - 8)




Lights, Shadows and Reflective Surfaces




Not taught this half term




Place Knowledge of a European country - Italy



Art & Design:

Using fabric to create 3D objects



Religious Education:

Called by God



Physical Education:

Boccia and Swimming




In our first few weeks we will review what we learned last year



Health and Wellbeing


Living in the Wider World



Multimedia: 'There's no place like home'


Reading, Writing and Reflection Areas:

We have a dedicated reading area in class (please see Class Dojo for photos of our classroom).  The reading area has a wide selection of new books and comfy 'blue banana' beanbags.

There is a writing area for two children to work at for extra work on things such as sentence structure, handwriting and SPAG.

We also have a reflection area where the children are allowed to spend time reflecting upon anything that has happened in class or at home that week.


Thank you for visiting our class page